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My digital talk story

My digital talk story

Autore: Lina Unali

ISBN13: 9788864731797

Anno pubblicazione: 2015

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Formato 15x21 cm., pag. 152.

Although the present volume is divided into separate stories, in the mind of the author, they are part of a single narrative, a story of the psyche, it might be called, and its everenewed relationship with the world.

The purpose of this narrative is also to bring out, among the many experiences that are here described, what seems beautiful, clear and desirable.

This way of writing aspires to a condition such as that presented by Henry James in his recently republished essay dedicated to the story of Kipling entitled Soldiers Three. According to the American writer, Kipling understands that his telling stories offer countless occasions, the opportunity to touch life in a thosand different places, each of which is an example and an illustration of it.


- Introduction

- Block of East Asia

  1. The city of Taipei
  2. A different voltage
  3. A passage to Jhiben
  4. The Chinese characters for electricity and for the brain, were to be seen everywhere in Taipei
  5. Landscape painting and digital painting

    - American Block

    1. The databases in the American high school
    2. The computers in Paolo's classroom
    3. Paninaro
    4. The son's escape

      - Block of the ancient printers

      1. Printers
      2. William Caxton
      3. John Baskerville printed one of the best-known editions of Milton's Paradise Lost
      4. William Blake: poet, painter, engraver, printer, bookseller, exhibitor
      5. Virginia Woolf and the Hogarth Press
      6. An extraordinary sequence of roads

        Block of the Temple to Diana Email

        1. Temple to Diana Email
        2. To be able to publish
        3. Drawing the logo of the snake
        4. The lost iPhones
        5. Faces
        6. In conversation with Prof. Mary Wilkins
        7. Translation
        8. The errors of the compute and those of the algorithms
        9. Better to write with a pencil
        10. Terrible mistakes
        11. The streched ligament
        12. A thesis based on the analysis of one of Ha Jin's Novels
        13. Santuccio and the "Promise of Turkey"
        14. The inventor of the Mouse

          Block of the literary texts

          1. A blocked thirst for knowledge
          2. Shakespeare's texts
          3. The tomb of Edmund Shakespeare
          4. Painter Titian Vecellio at the National Gallery
          5. The Archives of Blake's poetry, O Rose thou art sick

            Block of the missionaries

            1. The book of the Jesuit Athanasius Kircher and the obstinacy of the Jesuit Matteo Ricci in China

              Block of analytical mathematics

              1. Dots instead of commas in analytical math

                Block of Cornwall

                1. The beach of Polperro
                2. The wreck at the sailing boat race
                3. Glastonbury Abbey
                4. "East Coker"

                  Block of dreams

                  1. I am trying to digitize the dream of the night of September 11
                  2. Chronicle of Washington on the following day
                  3. Overall interpretation of the dream
                  4. Another dream
                  5. My Digital Talk Story is not a novel
                  6. The trunk of the pine tree cut in half

                    Block of the cities and places

                    1. Trieste
                    2. Oslo
                    3. Leiden
                    4. The island of Cyprus
                    5. My favourite places in Sardinia
                    6. Ardara, the capital of the Judjedom of Logudoro

                      Block of email corrispondence

                      1. Frecciargento (Silver Arrow)
                      2. "Little greeting" at Chiavari on August 2013

                        Block of VideoPoetry, Infographics and considerations on the latest iPhone5

                        1. VideoPoetry
                        2. Infographics: the map favored by Lincoln
                        3. Daniele, you ask me what I think of my latest iPhone5

                          Continuation of the Block of the cities and places

                          1. Lugano

                            Block of handouts

                            1. Parts of a trilingual Italian, English, Chinese handout, sent to my Italian Master students on October 11, 2013

                              Final chapter

                              Lina Unali, nata a Roma da famiglia originaria del nord della Sardegna, studia al Liceo Tasso, si laurea in Lettere presso l’Università di Roma. Dal 1963 Assistente volontaria nell’Istituto di Letteratura Inglese. Vincitrice nel 1968 di cattedra presso Liceo Fermi di Genova. Insegna all’Università di Cagliari (1969-1982) e, dal 1983, all’Università di Roma Tor Vergata, in qualità di professore ordinario di Letteratura Inglese. Risiede in Inghilterra e negli Stati Uniti, usufruendo, in anni diversi, di due borse di studio Fulbright; a Delhi, sotto il patrocinio della Nehru University, a Mogadiscio, a Taipei, presso la National Taiwan University. Viaggia in Cina. Organizza seminari in Convegni della European Association of American Studies e presso la sua Università. Coordinatrice del Dottorato nel 2007. Fonda il Centro di Studi e Ricerche Asia and the West, Asia e Occidente e un Master in Relazioni Internazionali. Studia per molti anni le lingue russa, hindi e cinese. Tra le pubblicazioni si segnala “Percorsi su carta dell’emigrato franco-canadese Jack Kerouac”, “Il Ponte”, 1981; Star of India. Imperial themes The other face of English literature Modes of representing the Subcontinent (2011); Poems of Liguria and Sardinia, Paterson Literary Review (2011).


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